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  1. A great huge vote of thanks to Peter Carss and his son for finally putting together this site so that future generations will know that there was, in the RCMP, one of the finest music aggregations in the world. The members of the Band proved that in their visits to hundreds of communities across Canada and to many other nations in the world. Music can open so many doors and this was particularly so where ever the band went, whether it was to Seniors Homes, drug awareness programs, visits to remote Arctic communities or even for kindergarten children who came to visit our rehearsal hall in Ottawa. All were treated to the very best in music. It could have been wartime singalongs, music of popular TV programs, overtures to opera and of course much loved marches from around the world. It is interesting that this site commemorates the 20th anniversary of the demise of the Band in 1993, a sad time for public relations for the Force. It is apparent in today’s music scene that bandsmen have gone on to great acclaim in the various communities in which they settled after leaving the band – stars in their own right – the likes of Jamie Gatti, Kirk MacDonald, Angus Armstrong and so many more. You will find many of the bandsmen lending their expertise in community bands and assisting young musicians in the art of music in entertainment. Share this site with your friends so that they too will know the importance of music in our world and particularly in the work done by Police.
    Garth Hampson

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